The art of growing business is reliant on a viable business model. And a good model requires customers and plenty of them. Customers buy solution or experience for real and compelling problems. Implementing a business model with systems that ensure replication to avoid wasted time and resources in making the same decision over again to solve reoccurring issues and having a sales process is part of the model and planning for business.

Small business is transaction driven requiring solid replicated sales and selling systems to survive and prosper.

Neglecting the importance of creating a sales systems and making sales is the core of many business struggles. Sales must make profit to create growth and choices for the business.
Having bias focus on administration, opulent office facilities or flash but irrelevant marketing that have little contribution to quality sales is not smart.

Sales and selling are about creating value for the paying customer and where the value of the business is enhanced and achieved by making profit. The fundamental win-win and doing business 101 is good sales.

The purpose and path of business activities should eventually lead toward and support sales. Where management energies and resources are focused on non-sales related, non-sales improvement outcomes then maybe it’s time to review the business model and current business strategies.
Sales Targeted
Be sure on what customer is best for the business to engage with, invest in and provide product or service for. This is best achieved when a clear Value Proposition exists and fits the market target.
A great exercise for any business is to develop a clear compelling sales proposition that universally communicates what the business offering is all about.
Sales Niched.
Part of any great message is to articulate what is so special and unique. Being another green bottle is of no value. Being a purple cow in a paddock full of brown cows is important. Being a purple cow that offers the smoothest, freshest, sweetest value milk is a sales home run. Become the expert where possible to create value and uniqueness.
Sales upsell
If it cost business 8 times more to acquire new customers why is mediocre customer service the norm at many businesses. Selling more to existing customers is the smart strategy. Why jump the fence chasing your neighbour’s cows, milk the cows in your own barn first. Designing product or service bundles that enhance customer experience by saving them time, money or stress is a great way to build loyalty and repeat, bigger sales.
Sales Risk
The world is revolving on well-greased bearing of uncertainty. Trust is absent by default, avenues for litigation is too often the first resolve and loyalty exists only as long as the last loving txt. Customers want to feel safe and believe they are engaged with a trusted business that cares for them and gives great value for money. Average customer service, poor value propositions and unauthentic business attitudes is never fixed by offering money back guarantees. Customer choice being just one click away is genuine business risk.