Make Meaning – Creating Value is not achieved by being the same, all the same.

Empowering Small Business and Startups. Do you get it. Do you resonate, perceive or believe value from this headline. What about the following;

Essential advice to minimise missteps, experienced business professionals providing high value low cost tailored one-to-one mentoring to increase profit results and transfer skills that grow viable small business and startups”.

Knowledge skills advice to enrich business life. Buy from us get this value.

Empowering Small Business and Startups is what we do and ‘Why’ we exist.
What does your business believe in – what does it stand for? Do your customers need to know?  Why does your business exist and how is value communicated. Do you have a tagline mantra to punch out. Is there a statement that highlights unique differentiation and a pitch for networking and selling to prospects. Where do these three marketing message tools come from?

Marketing is all about how business is presented, how it operates, why it exists and everything it does to promise and deliver value to customers. Marketing is the message.

A Value Proposition.
A value proposition is concise, simple to read, resonates value to your customer  and is the core statement from where all marketing messages originate. The Value Proposition is your promise to deliver value and belief by the customer that value will be experienced. Value Propositions are the compelling reasons of why customers should do business with you.

Don’t think cute Mission statements full of flowery fluff and technical jargon is what influence customers to buy. Customers buy why, customers buy outcomes and customers buy value. Customers want to believe in the ‘why’ reason you are in business.

Powerful Value Propositions are created from gaining customer insights not just from describing what business does or how it does what ever it does.
A car rental business once said; “we are not number one – but we try harder” A statement of why they were in business, not about having the largest fleet or the fastest cars – but a belief for the customers that value would be delivered. Trying harder.

Create a Powerful Value Proposition Statement.

  • What is the real pain, what is the job customers want to achieve – yes their problem.
  • State upfront what you sell, avoid fluff like “integrated reciprocation grommet systemisation”
  • What is important, how does the customer perceive value.
  • Differentiate in a simple concise way what is special or unique with your alternative solution to their problem – the insight from step 1.
  • What creditable metrics describe the outcome from using your product or service.

Think about what is the real value and why does your business do (the X) in helping (the Y) to achieve the outcome of (the Z)

Distil your insights and answers into a concise easy read statement your dear grandmother can comprehend – “hey I get that”.