Give your idea wings

Startup Business

A good idea to startup business or good idea for a new product or service specifically are two separate lines of thought and reasoning. All too often these lines of thought get blended as being the same by many startup entrepreneurs.
A good idea to startup business.
Is when an identified opportunity coupled with relevant research, developing understanding for a business model and assessing all the costs suggests potential for business viability and scalability.
Idea for a new product.
Or innovating an existing offering should only proceed after gaining insights to the current market size and future trends which are driven by customer demographics, […]

Think Big – plan even Bigger

Big better best -never let it rest.
Sitting in an F-14 fighter cockpit on the tarmac at the US Naval Base Norfolk Virginia was a privileged unforgettable experience. A unique empowering feel holding the controls while absorbing instrumentation, lines of toggle and push-button switches and accompanying warning-signs.

Adrenaline without fear ignited a momentary left foot tap-dance on the cockpit floor. The seat harness felt like a familiar heavy leather jacket littered with titanium buckles and adjusters waiting ready to strap secure its cargo. Aside from the feel there was heady smell. A mix of exotic materials in the confined space, an electrical […]

Business Model Explained

Startup and established business fail because not enough customers buy the products and services. The customer is neither inspired nor compelled to pay for whatever was on offer and the business has become unable to retain or generate sufficient sales revenue from its customers to be viable.

Now other forces may be at play like regulatory shifts, natural disasters or change of ownership however the fundamental problem for failure is operating or starting without a viable business model.

The nuts and bolts of a business model are easily understood but demanding to achieve. A business model is the process of selling product […]