Operational Expenses

Setting Sales Target a Planning Essential

Sales Targets are fundamental business metrics. How many units are required to be sold to make at least breakeven and then desired profit?

A friend has a gelato ice-cream shop. He phoned recently saying he was “considering” purchasing a mobile cart to sell ice-creams at markets and school fetes.

I said mate – do you think that’s a good idea – can you tell me if the cart will make the business money?

He said – “Well Rod that’s why I’m calling you -I intend for my cousin to operate the cart – but my wife thinks I should focus at the shop […]

Cash Splash and Bellyflops

At establishment and startup phase of new business the gaze and mind movie is often over the horizon with visions of shining business incomes, happy spending customers and a lifestyle of leisure as the absent manager. The spoils of developing an earth-shattering invention or innovation or a must-have unique product that is more addictive than a smartphone. But what often happens along the road to business euphoria is a financial road kill and startup scare tissue because all the expenses were not identified. To avoid financial bellyflops and missteps at startup phase here are some points to consider; The 3 […]