Making Sales in Small Business

Making sales in business is the life blood of success.
When asked what important area must Small Business focus on, the answer is Making Sales. Small business is transaction driven and without making sales the business will stagnate and fail.
Cash is King axiom relates to making sales in small business, having income at hand to pay bills, replacing and refreshing stock, paying the owner a wage and having capacity to pay for marketing. Sales revenue is the blood in small business veins and without sufficient supply flesh and bones of business die.
The function of sales is simple as it complex. Meaning a universe of […]

Sails…… sales and Selling

The art of growing business is reliant on a viable business model. And a good model requires customers and plenty of them. Customers buy solution or experience for real and compelling problems. Implementing a business model with systems that ensure replication to avoid wasted time and resources in making the same decision over again to solve reoccurring issues and having a sales process is part of the model and planning for business.
Small business is transaction driven requiring solid replicated sales and selling systems to survive and prosper.
Neglecting the importance of creating a sales systems and making sales is the core of many business struggles. Sales must […]

Marketing is Business DNA

Marketing is Business DNA
Marketing is everything you do in Business. Everything includes how business presents itself, level of customer service, attitude, corporate conscience, customer perception of trust and reliability. Marketing is selling. Sales originate by creating awareness, building customer relationships and trust, providing information, understanding delivery channels, offering value.

Marketing is a business story
Business is about having a story. Every entrepreneur, business founder, inventor and business owner has a story of why start or operate a business. Similarly every enduring product has a story why it exists and what makes it great. A compelling convincing story inspires and motivates customers. Which […]